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Top 12 Innovative Retail Marketing Trends

Attention retailers! Interesting article to share about the top 12 innovative retail marketing trends. Prior to March 2020, the industry saw a consistent increase in online shopping for more than a decade. Retailers also saw cyber purchases accelerate exponentially during the pandemic. A recent study uncovered more than 40% of customers who would normally buy in-store have pivoted to online shopping. 

  1. Social Commerce
  2. A New Approach to Influencer Marketing
  3. Online Stores in Offline Spaces
  4. Even More AR-Powered Shopping Experiences
  5. Creative Brand Identities on Amazon
  6. Ethical and Values-Based Brands on the Rise
  7. Same-Day (or Faster) Delivery
  8. Increase in Smart Speaker Shopping
  9. Increased Use of Chatbots
  10. Successful retailers become experiential
  11. Ecommerce Grocery Platforms Are the New Norm
  12. Increased Focus on Personal Health and Self-Care

For the full article, visit here. Have an interesting trend you would like to share with our community? I'd enjoy hearing from you. 

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