Many organizations, whether for tax, mission, fund-raising or historical reasons, operate as non-profit organizations. At Goulston & Storrs, these organizations can be a pro bono client, a family foundation or an institution that has been in existence for centuries. Goulston & Storrs has extensive experience assisting such non-profit organizations in all phases of their operations. We understand and are sensitive to the unique issues that affect non-profits, both with respect to their financial operations, as well as those challenges that relate to the more abstract issues of mission and governance.

Attorneys at Goulston & Storrs are experienced in counseling clients in connection with initial organizational issues, technical tax-exempt requirements of the IRS, issues related to mergers, acquisitions and other affiliations, and bankruptcy and creditor rights issues as they apply to non-profit organizations. Although many of our non-profit clients are traditional 501(c)(3) charities, others operate as trade associations, community benefit organizations and other types of non-profits. We are experienced in assisting our non-profit clients in selecting the right form for any new ventures on which they might embark - the non-profit model is not always the right choice. Helping non-profit clients succeed during these challenging times is an activity that we are knowledgeable and experienced in and a role we enjoy.