Packaged Legal Services

Successful startups and emerging enterprises can easily stumble on unexpected costs that interrupt the fast-forward momentum needed for exit velocity. These enterprises need to demonstrate to investors and potential buyers that they can meet expectations and operate within budgets. That is why we offer two kinds of innovative flat fee service models to qualified enterprises. Both models provide partner level supervision of routine paralegal and associate tasks to insure both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Startup Incubator Package

For nascent companies that are just getting off the ground, we offer a flat fee package for the development of the following essential startup documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation as applicable
  • Foundational bylaws, board resolutions, and stock or membership certificates
  • Confidentiality, restrictive covenant, and other agreements needed to protect intellectual property
  • Non-solicitation and non-competition agreements needed to protect the enterprise
  • Equity incentive plans and related grant documents
  • Necessary founders’ operating and/or shareholder agreements

All these documents are crafted from experience-tested templates to control costs and speed up production. The flat fee quoted to each client includes any typically minimal revisions to the templates, but we can also perform more precise and complex iterations to any one or more documents, as necessary, for a reasonable and competitive mark-up to the fixed fee.

Startup Monthly Subscription Service

For enterprises that need continuing legal assistance after formation, but still want the certitude of monthly fixed fees, we offer a separate monthly subscription service. The subscription service covers support related to any of our full-service legal disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • General corporate services and support
  • Innovation development and licensing
  • Copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets
  • Employment law
  • Tax strategy and counseling

We offer the monthly subscription package in 2 tiers, developed to provide our clients a support offering that best fits their needs. For larger projects outside the scope of our monthly subscription services, we can and do provide additional support as needed – at competitive rates – for more atypical, challenging, critical, and complex tasks that any client might need.

Please contact Ling Kong or Gene Barton to learn more about our Startup Incubator Package or the Monthly Subscription Packages for early stage companies.