Representative Matters

ThreatWarrior: Guiding a Team of Entrepreneurs and Active Investors to Early Success

Goulston & Storrs Case Study: Threat Warrior

ThreatWarrior is an emerging cybersecurity company that is growing rapidly. Committed to defending all organizations against evolving cyberattacks, ThreatWarrior’s goals were extensive, including creating a corporate and equity framework, facilitating the integration of an incoming professional management team and a small group of entrepreneurial founders, preparing the company to secure financing, and re-launching a new website and updated messaging campaign. This accelerated growth plan presented a myriad of key challenges to overcome.

Developer of Apparel Fit Technology Financings

Represented developer of apparel fit technology in angel and venture financings and strategic commercial agreements.

Developer of Electronic Design Automation Software Funding

Represented developer of electronic design automation software in several rounds of venture capital financing, licensing, distribution agreements, acquisition of UK-based business, trademark, employment and other matters.

Developer of Enterprise Software Financing

Represented developer of enterprise software in the speech automation/integration space in multiple rounds of angel financing, employment, and other general corporate matters.

Developer of Enterprise Software Recapitalization and Financings

Represented a developer of enterprise software in the anti-spam market space, including recapitalization and venture capital financing, licensing, trademark, employment and other general corporate work.

Developer of Health Care Information Systems Financings

Represented developer of health care information systems in connection with the licensing of key technologies, several software company acquisitions, and multiple equity capital financings.

Developer of High-Speed Routers Financings

Represented developer of high-speed routers, in connection with technology licensing matters, development agreements and several rounds of venture capital financing.

Developer of Innovative Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Financings

Represented developer of innovative semi-conductor manufacturing processes and circuits in, angel and venture capital financings, co-development agreements and other general corporate work.

Developer of Natural Language and Data Asset Management Software Financings

Represented developer of natural language and data asset management software, on matters including venture financing, software licensing, strategic acquisition and relationship matters and general corporate representation.

Educational Game Company Funding

Represented China-based educational game company in three rounds of venture capital funding.

German Venture Fund in Investments

Represented German venture fund in investments in US software companies.

Internet Customer Relationship Company Corporate Matters

Represented Internet customer relationship company with an Israeli-based R&D subsidiary in restructuring, venture capital investing, trademark, employment and general corporate matters.

Israeli Technology Companies Recapitalizations and VC Investments

Represented several Israeli technology companies organized in Delaware in recapitalizations and venture capital investments.

Network Technology Company Relationship Matters

Represented Netherlands-based network technology company in connection with software and related technology licensing and development and strategic relationship matters.

Outside General Counsel for Developer of RF Test Equipment

Represented developer of RF test equipment for the CATV and DBS industry, including representation of founders, financing and general representation.

Outside General Counsel Software Company

Represented US subsidiary of an Irish software company developing interactive broadcasting solutions, including general representation and other matters.

Paint and Personal Products Company Venture Fund Invesments

Represented venture fund in investments in innovative paint company and personal products company.

Real Estate Credit Scoring Start-Up Financing

Represented innovative real estate credit scoring start-up in its organization and seed financing from prominent venture capital firm.

Space Industry Start-Ups Financings

Represented space industry start-ups in venture financings.

University Spin-Off

Represented universities, academic medical centers, entrepreneurs and investors in university spin-off and similar venture formation transactions.

US Venture Capital Firm Investment

Represented US venture capital firm in its initial investment in China in a leading global provider of optical interface modules and subsystems with co-investors in Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

Venture Investor Group Investment

Represented venture investor group in its investment in a Boston area-based company developing innovative flame-retardant technologies.

Outside General Counsel for Rue La La

Rue La La e-commerce business in connection with all aspects of its online business.