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Earnout Provisions

Published by Bloomberg Law
Market Trends: What You Need to Know As shown in the American Bar Association's Private Target Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Point Studies: Earnout provisions were included in 27% of the deals reported in the 2019 study. The previous six studies noted inclusion of earnout provisions in 28%, 26%, 25...

COVID and M&A Earnouts

The COVID-19 virus has ushered in unprecedented and challenging times for our country and our global community.  From the deeply personal pain and suffering caused by the virus as a health pandemic to behavioral adjustments in the consumer population at large (“social distancing,” etc.), to our everyday routines, burdens...

Trends in M&A Provisions: Earnout Provisions

In merger and acquisition (“M&A”) purchase agreements (whether asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement, or merger agreement), provisions addressing the purchase price, and how it is to be paid, are, understandably, amongst the most critical to get right. The price to be paid to acquire the target [1] can...