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Category: Sandbagging and Anti-Sandbagging Provisions

Sandbagging Provisions

Published by Bloomberg Law
Market Trends: What You Need to Know “Sandbagging” concepts are often the subject of intense negotiation in M&A transactions. Inclusion of pro-sandbagging clauses within M&A purchase agreements has been on the decline, and more often, the parties are deciding instead to be silent on the issue of sandbagging. Introduction...

The Sandbagging Conundrum Explained

There is perhaps no more consistently vexing problem for transactional attorneys on opposite sides than figuring out a fair contractual resolution for “sandbagging” issues. Sandbagging typically occurs when the buyer of a business learns that a seller will be in breach of a contractual representation when the deal closes...

Trends in M&A Provisions: Sandbagging and Anti-Sandbagging Provisions

A “sandbagging” provision (sometimes referred to as a “pro-sandbagging” provision) in an M&A agreement (asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement, or merger agreement) states that a buyer’s remedies against the seller under the agreement are not impacted regardless of whether the buyer had knowledge, at or prior to closing...