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M&A Group

A number of our corporate lawyers are well known as leaders in middle-market merger and acquisition work. Our M&A Group has cultivated a special legal and practical understanding of the issues involved in M&A deals. Clients like that we know the importance of drafting, negotiating and documenting agreements that are reasonable, taking into account the client’s objectives, and leveraging our knowledge of what is commonly accepted practice in the market.

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Trends in M&A Provisions: A G&S Series in Conjunction with Bloomberg Law

If you’re new to M&A or just need a refresher course, our Trends in M&A Provisions series, published in conjunction with Bloomberg Law, offers insight into the trends and usage of relevant terms and provisions within M&A transaction documents. Please click here for more information.

American Bar Association Business Law Section Mergers and Acquisitions Committee

Goulston & Storrs is part of the working committee of the American Bar Association which publishes comprehensive studies on deal point trends in private company M&A transactions.  These studies are generally considered by M&A professionals as the most accurate reflection of the state of the “market” in private company M&A, and are frequently cited in deal negotiations and discussions.

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Executive Briefings

Goulston & Storrs is pleased to offer you a series of Executive Briefings on relevant topics in mergers & acquisitions. We'll come to your office and present a program that is customized to your deal team's needs. Contact Dan Avery at [email protected] or (617) 574-4131 for more information.

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