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William M. Seuch

Representative Matters

Environmental Representation of Major Universities

Representation of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in connection with various environmental issues, including the redevelopment of previously contaminated properties, environmental insurance, green construction projects, and issues associated with contaminated building materials.

Environmental Representation of Major Hospitals and Medical Centers

Representation of Boston Children’s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in connection with various environmental issues, including environmental due diligence, drafting complex purchase and sale agreements and ground leases, environmental cost recovery claims, environmental risk management, air emissions issues, and pharmaceutical waste issues.

Environmental Representation for Property Management and Redevelopment

National representation of Beacon Capital Partners in connection with environmental due diligence and environmental issues arising in connection with property management and redevelopment.

Boston Redevelopment Authority in Connection with the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Representation of the Boston Redevelopment Authority in connection with the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center project, the former Modern Electroplating site, and the acquisition of a former waterfront oil terminal, including environmental due diligence, cost recovery negotiations/litigation, Massachusetts Contingency Plan (“MCP”) regulatory guidance (e.g. securing “Special Project Status”) and environmental risk management work.

Purchase and Redevelopment of Previously Contaminated Properties

Ongoing representation of Boston Properties in connection with the purchase and subsequent commercial redevelopment of previously contaminated properties, including a former petroleum distribution facility and a former asphalt batching plant (e.g., consultant management, MCP regulatory guidance, advice regarding lender requirements and environmental insurance).

Sale of Manufacturing Facility

Representing a seller in connection with the sale of a manufacturing facility, including contractual risk allocation and the implementation of an Activity and Use Limitation.

Environmental Cost Recovery

Representation of plaintiffs in environmental cost recovery actions.

Advised Lender for Manufacturing Plants

Advising a lender in connection with a revolving credit facility secured by several large aluminum manufacturing plants.

Purchase of Parcels Associated with Superfund Site

Ongoing representation of a buyer in connection with the purchase of several parcels associated with the Industri-Plex Superfund site, including negotiations with MADEP, USEPA and the U.S. Department of Justice regarding Prospective Purchaser Agreements and environmental deed restrictions.

Air Quality Issues

Representing building owners in connection with indoor air quality issues.

Retail Complexes Built On Landfills

Representing of owners in connection with the construction of retail complexes on top of a landfills, including advice regarding “closure requirements,” lender requirements and potential environmental liabilities.

Transformation of Historic Properties

Representation of a real estate investment company in connection with the transformation of two historic properties. Handled all environmental due diligence, implemented activity and use limitations (i.e. environmental deed restructuring), negotiated environmental cost reimbursement agreements, developed strategies for achieving regulatory closure and crafted environmental reports for lenders and investors.