“The level and quality of communication within the firm have impressed me throughout my career as an associate and now as a new director.” —Suma Nair, Boston


From the first year the firm was considered, The American Lawyer has consistently ranked Goulston & Storrs among the Top 10 in the Nation in its mid-level associate satisfaction survey.  We are proud of this recognition, and we continually work to maintain an environment where our associates grow professionally and personally. We like to think that the results speak for themselves.

    When we hire associates, we aim for them to ultimately become a director with the firm. To that end, we provide the platform for success, including:

    • a stimulating mix of sophisticated work
    • approachable and involved directors
    • continuous professional development
    • a collaborative and a consensus driven environment
    • collegiality and mutual respect

    Professional Development

    Orientation & Integration

    Our substantive orientation and introductory programs provide our first year and lateral associates with the information and training they will need and ensure a smooth transition and integration into the firm.


    At Goulston & Storrs, we have a vested interest in your professional growth and development and work hard to promote it. Our team approach and low director-associate ratio result in rigorous hands-on training from day one. You will continually grapple with complex issues and be challenged to develop optimal solutions for our clients, working hand in hand with senior attorneys.

    In addition to the on-the-job training you will receive from the directors and more senior attorneys with whom you work, our Associate Development Committee and dedicated Legal Talent Team monitor your professional growth and development and provide a wide range of educational opportunities, including:

    • Interactive, educational seminars covering a range of substantive legal topics and professional skills taught by G&S attorneys and highly regarded external faculty
    • Regular business development programs on topics such as networking, artificial intelligence and social media, board service, secondments, and client service
    • Monthly practice area meetings at which attorneys discuss current developments in the law that impact the practice area and our clients
    • Continuing Legal Education programs (internal and external), including pre-recorded online courses from PLI, Strafford, Practical Law, and others

    Through your work assignments and educational training, you will attain the skills and experience needed to counsel clients at an increasingly sophisticated level with an emphasis on:

    • top quality work product,
    • the highest level of lawyering,
    • teamwork, and
    • civility toward and respect for all parties.


    Every associate at Goulston & Storrs is matched with a director mentor and an associate “sibling” who help ensure a seamless transition to firm life and provide individualized career guidance and feedback tailored to each associate’s practice and experience.  In addition to your formal mentor, the firm’s collaborative and open-door culture promotes the development of informal mentoring relationships within and outside an associate’s practice group.

    Work Flow

    Our centralized work allocation system is administered by two directors in each practice group who coordinate work assignments to ensure each associate maintains a level-appropriate workload with a mix of directors, clients and projects. You'll generally stay with a project from beginning to end; experiencing not just an isolated part of a matter, but seeing the big picture and how it all fits together.


    In addition to the ongoing feedback you will receive from your mentor and the directors and other senior attorneys with whom you work, new associates receive reviews every six months, and more experienced associates every 12 months.  These formal reviews incorporate and synthesize feedback from the directors with whom you have worked during the review period to provide you with a clear understanding of your strengths and action steps to help you get to the next level.

    Looped In

    Transparency and consensus are core values here at Goulston & Storrs.  To that end, our associates actively participate in firm operating committees pertaining to hiring, pro bono, diversity, training technology, and the summer committee. Each month, our co-managing directors meet with all associates to have an open discussion about firm management and to share the latest news from the monthly directors’ meeting.

    While the Co-Managing Directors have an open door policy and truly welcome visits from and discussions with associates, we also have an Associate Liaison Committee to provide a forum for associates to discuss ideas and raise questions.

    Flexible Work Arrangements

    As a firm, we understand and respect the importance of balancing professional development and obligations to our clients and to each other with family and personal satisfaction.  At Goulston, our Flexible Work policy provides a range of options, including remote work opportunities as well as alternative and reduced hours arrangements.  We also offer a formal ramp down and ramp up process for attorneys going out on or returning from leave. 

    Associates on Flexible Work Arrangements also receive Flexible Work Mentors whose role is to support the associate and to work with them as well as with the work allocators, practice group leaders, and other colleagues to ensure the arrangement is successful for all. 

    Finally, because we recognize the need to balance flexibility with responsiveness and client demands, we have chosen to compensate associates on Flexible Work Arrangements at a higher percentage than their schedule.  For example, an associate on an 80% schedule will receive 90% pay.

    Partnership Data

    Among the nation’s top 200 firms, only 15% have single tier partnerships. G&S is proud that our single tier structure reflects the true meaning of partnership.  Additionally, the firm does not have a pre-determined number of Director positions available and hopes that each associate hired will remain with the firm throughout his or her career. Associates are generally considered for directorship after 10 years of practice. 


    Employee benefits are an important part of your total compensation at Goulston & Storrs. The firm provides a wide range of benefits for our associates:

    • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
    • 401(K) Plan
    • Generous Vacation Time
    • Generous Holiday Schedule
    • Health Savings Account
    • Medical, Dependent Care and Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account
    • Subsidized Qualified Transportation Program
    • Qualified Parking Program
    • Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Generous Paid Family & Medical Leave

    Other excellent benefits include:

    • Gym Discounts
    • On-Site Wellness Events
    • On-Site Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Drop-off
    • Emergency Back-up Day Daycare
    • Uber for Business
    • Relocation Expenses
    • Bar Association Fee
    • Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
    • Laptop, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

    “The level and quality of communication within the firm have impressed me throughout my career as an associate and now as a new director.” —Suma Nair, Boston