Goulston & Storrs has a long history of providing sensitive and savvy counsel to closely-held enterprises and family businesses, guiding clients through a host of unique challenges related to leadership and governance, succession planning, long-term financing, and other complexities with potentially significant legal, commercial and family impacts. We also have experience in guiding clients through special challenges involving ownership relationships, ownership agreements, business valuations, exit strategies and buyout agreements.

We have a stable of lawyers who are particularly well-known for their work with closely-held and family enterprises. In fact, Goulston & Storrs was instrumental in the founding of the Northeastern University Center for Family Business as the Center’s exclusive law firm sponsor, and our firm has a history of participation in the Family Firm Institute as well. 

For family enterprises that are seeking smooth transitions to future generations, our estate planning and services are nationally recognized, and these services are supported by experienced tax accountants and administrative professionals on our staff, who are responsible for many day-to-day aspects of the administration of estates and trusts. We also integrate the valuable assistance of professionals outside the firm, including but not limited to highly reputable financial planners, investment advisors, insurance experts, and family counselors. 

Our clients also get the benefit of the firm’s multi-disciplinary legal team composed of lawyers who regularly serve closely-held and family enterprises with a wide array of legal needs involving corporate, employment, environmental, financial, insurance, intellectual property, litigation, real estate and tax matters.

We are proud to offer our clients the business savvy and emotional intelligence born from legal experience and careful attention to the study of business. On our service team are lawyers who have worked in the technology and retail industries in accounting, auditing, finance, product development, and compliance functions. We also have a CPA, who worked in one of the Big Four international accounting firms, and a number of lawyers who have served companies as outside General Counsel, and attorneys with degrees in business or economics from prestigious institutions.