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Office & Industrial Leasing


The Goulston & Storrs Office & Industrial Leasing Group is a recognized national leader in leasing transactions.

We are part of one of the most well-established, diverse and reputable real estate practices in the country, and do a particularly high volume of leasing work. Our team also includes environmental, insurance, regulatory, tax and trial lawyers that help us to solve every kind of problem associated with the leasing of any type of property.

We represent both landlords and tenants in leasing matters related to all kinds of commercial office and industrial properties, including but not limited to office towers, office parks, data centers, industrial parks, laboratories and medical facilities. Click on the “Our Experience” tab for more information.

Because of our incredibly broad and deep experience, we not only possess the requisite legal knowledge pertinent to the leasing of office and industrial spaces, we have local and regional knowledge of the marketplace with respect to pricing, guarantees, and all of the key covenants in a deal.

Both landlords and tenants have come to rely on us for cutting-edge, pragmatic representation in their leasing transactions. Whether working on a lease for an office tower, a data center, a medical facility or any other type of property, we have established site-specific procedures and processes which provide our clients with fast-paced, thorough and cost-effective representation.

Because of our consistent process and volume experience, supported by well-seasoned paralegals who can handle many tasks, we can offer clients predictable and competitive pricing, especially for volume business.

We also enjoy contacts with lawyers, engineers, government employees and other professionals within every jurisdiction in which we work, thereby enabling us to keep apprised of local and state decisions, laws, regulations and customs.