Clients from many industries turn to Goulston & Storrs when facing the prospect of class action litigation.

Our clients and referral sources know that we have a strong stable of advocates with class action experience who know how to deploy the strategies necessary to defeat class certification or obtain a pre-trial dismissal or a favorable settlement of claims. We also know how to defuse a claim at the demand stage before a case is filed and how to challenge the forum-shopping tactics employed by plaintiffs.

Our trial lawyers have appeared in state and federal trial and appellate courts from coast to coast and overseas, including popular class action venues, such as New York, California, and Delaware. We also offer the capability of handling complex multi-district litigation.

The following are just some of the many types of class action lawsuits our lawyers have successfully defended:

  • ADA class actions involving access to websites, transportation, or facilities
  • Wage and hour class actions (involving allegations of worker misclassification and failure to pay for overtime or break time
  • Shareholder class actions involving registration statement and prospectus disclosure issues, IPO pricing, and pricing on “going private” buyouts
  • Investment fund class actions involving allegations of market-timing, disclosure issues or breaches of fiduciary duty brought against mutual funds and other regulated “investment companies” or “investment advisors”
  • Insurance product claims involving complaints about disappearing life insurance premiums)
  • Data privacy class actions involving allegations of selling data or using website cookies to collect information
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act claims involving junk texting or faxing allegations
  • Product liability class actions involving hazardous substances, such as tobacco, opioids, and wood treatment chemicals
  • Claims by tenants against landlords involving alleged overcharges for taxes, common area maintenance charges or other pass-through costs
  • Claims against affordable housing owners involving allegations by tenants, unit owners or other stakeholders related to affordable housing regulation
  • Claims against mortgage servicers involving residential mortgage backed securities
  • Constitutional rights claims involving alleged violations of a class, such as out-of-state users of toll passes on the interstate highway system

Because of our class action experience and our well-developed knowledge of specific industries – such as the education, health care, hospitality, and transportation sectors – we are also well-prepared to handle a potential onslaught of claims related to COVID-19, including:

  • Tuition rebate claims by college and university students
  • Consumer claims against airlines, cruise ships, and hospitality hosts for refunds or damages associated with canceled contracts
  • Wage and hour issues related to hazard pay, overtime, and break time for grocery store workers, health care staff, and other vital workers
  • Discrimination claims