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“The culture is collegial, supportive, and pedagogical. I am not just asked to work here; I am asked to contribute, and I am given the support to be able to do so.” 
- Paralegal

At Goulston & Storrs, we seek paralegals who are professional and sophisticated self-starters. The firm has a truly collaborative environment where paralegals work very closely with attorney teams to get the deals done. 

Training & Development

All Goulston & Storrs paralegals participate in both formal and informal training aimed at helping professionals reach their best potential. From technology to professional development, Goulston & Storrs has a rich history in continuing education. Some of the experiences in which you may participate include:

  • Comprehensive computer and technology training.
  • Internal legal educational seminars alongside attorneys.
  • Offsite continuing education opportunities and coursework.
  • Participation in trade associations related to your field.

Mentoring & Integration

Goulston & Storrs believes in continuing professional development through the use of professional mentors. From your first day at the firm, you will be personally introduced and integrated into the firm. Some of the activities you can expect include:

  • You will be assigned an attorney mentor to help with a smooth transition to firm life.
  • You will work with an attorney ‘work allocator’ who will ensure your workload is balanced and interesting.
  • Network with your peers. Enjoy lunch with paralegal colleagues both within and outside of your practice group.
  • Meetings aimed at providing educational information about the firm, practice ethics, skill building and other important topics.
  • Social events allowing you to network with your peers.


How Do Paralegals Get Work Assignments?

A director ‘Work Allocator’ is responsible for coordinating work assignments for paralegals. This Work Allocator strives to ensure paralegals are exposed to a variety of work so that they gain a broad range of experience.

Will I Get to Do Pro Bono Work?

Absolutely! All paralegals have the opportunity to work on pro bono assignments.

What Kind of Feedback Do Paralegals Get?

Paralegals receive formal reviews every six months for the first two years of their employment with Goulston & Storrs. After that, you will receive annual formal performance appraisals where feedback is incorporated from every attorney with whom you have worked. You'll also receive informal feedback almost daily, through edits to your written work and suggestions for improving your performance. Salary reviews are given annually.

What Does the Firm Expect in the Way of Billable Hours?

Our official policy is not to have a billable hours policy. We expect that you will do the highest quality work on time and do a great job communicating to both your colleagues and clients.

Are There Opportunities for Alternative Work Arrangements?

Yes. Several of our attorneys, paralegals and secretaries work or have worked reduced hours to accommodate family matters.

What Benefits Are Offered to Paralegals?

Our paralegals are offered a competitive set of benefits.

“The culture is collegial, supportive, and pedagogical. I am not just asked to work here; I am asked to contribute, and I am given the support to be able to do so.” 
- Paralegal