The Private Client & Trust Group’s approach to the provision of family office services is an organic outgrowth of our long history as trusted providers of sophisticated wealth transfer planning and fiduciary asset management services, primarily for high net worth individuals and families with complex financial needs and objectives.

Our comprehensive platform essentially serves as your private family office. We offer highly customized personal financial services, including professional trusteeship, full fiduciary investment management, master custody of assets, cash management and investment manager oversight by fiduciaries, as well as financial concierge services such as the payment of personal and household expenses, all with the exceptional benefit of consolidated account reporting. We structure these services to implement and harmonize with each client’s estate, charitable and tax planning strategies.

We offer a trusted professional fiduciary perspective and the unique ability to collaborate with and leverage the expertise of all practice areas of our world-class law firm, such as real estate, tax, corporate, dispute resolution, and employment. This enables our fiduciary and administration team to provide a wide variety of customized and integrated family office services.

    Concierge Master Custody

    • Centralized custody and administration of assets
    • Coordination with estate, business, charitable, and tax planning strategies
    • Implementation of investment allocations
    • Consolidated reporting and performance measurement
    • Secure online account access
    • Completion of investment agreements and related documents
    • Monitoring and payment of capital commitments
    • Processing and tracking of financial transactions
    • Full trade settlement and pricing services
    • Planning for and satisfaction of charitable commitments
    • Dedicated senior administrator

    Direct Investment by G&S Trustee

    When a Goulston & Storrs professional is serving as trustee, the individual is responsible for carrying out the terms of the trust and for preserving and investing trust assets. The firm’s full administrative, tax, and investment management resources are harnessed for the benefit of the trust. We maintain a comprehensive trust accounting system and provide periodic investment reviews and statements of transactions.

    • Collaborative investment approach benefiting from more than 50 years of experience and drawing from a wide range of resources
    • Strictly disciplined approach, emphasizing preservation of capital, participation in long-term growth opportunities and optimization of after-tax return
    • Distinguished record of investment performance in both favorable and challenging investment environments
    • Fixed income management emphasizing income generation and stability of principal
    • Individual investment recommendations provided by our investment advisors at Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management

    Investment Management Oversight and Review by G&S Trustee

    • Asset allocation planning
    • Selection of equity and fixed income managers
    • Evaluation of proposed private investments with the assistance of our investment advisors
    • Performance monitoring and evaluation
    • Analysis and on-going management of investment strategies
    • Convening of periodic meetings with family members and investment managers

    Equity Management Approach

    Goulston & Storrs trustees are advised by the investment professionals at Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management in the selection of individual equities. Reynders, McVeigh describes its equity management as follows:

    Our equity management process is based on our belief that stocks of well-established companies that are producing powerful earnings and above-average dividend growth, when purchased at a reasonable price, will provide superior returns over long periods.

    We are contrarian in our discipline, investing in companies when they are out of favor in the market. We are long-term investors, not traders, and recognize the bite that taxes and transaction costs can take out of a client’s return.

    We believe in the power of compounding returns.

    Long-term investment success requires a strategy that provides growth during times of opportunity and capital preservation in times of hardship. We invest in low-debt companies with progressive management teams that are serving areas of expanding demand. Transparency in the reporting of revenues and earnings is a critical factor in our discipline; we will only invest in companies where we can reasonably assess the risks we are taking on a client’s behalf. If we cannot see how and where a company is earning its money clearly on an income statement, we will not invest.

    Generally, the number of equity holdings in a portfolio will range from 30 to 40, affording ample diversification. We tend to avoid heavily regulated industries, and our equity portfolios rarely correlate to
    S& P 500 market weightings.

    Optional Enhancements

    • Cash flow projection and management
    • Customized personal financial statements
    • Coordination with client business activities and strategies
    • Comprehensive bill-pay, tracking, and reporting
    • Fiduciary income tax return preparation
    • Next generation wealth counseling

    Our service areas include:

    For further information about the Goulston & Storrs Private Client & Trust Group, please contact one of our group Co-Chairs, Michelle Porter or Andy Rothstein.