Government investigations are ever-present in today’s news headlines. These types of investigations can be disruptive and time-consuming, and carry the potential risk of criminal or civil penalties.

Staffed by seasoned attorneys from multiple practice areas, our Government Investigations group handles government and internal investigations in a wide variety of subject areas and industries.  Among the more recent investigations handled by the group are government and regulatory authority investigations relating to:

  • False Claims and related qui tam or whistleblower actions
  • Data and privacy breaches
  • Insurance claims and regulatory matters
  • Employment and labor law matters
  • Environmental matters
  • Securities and financial sector matters

When any organization receives notice of a government inquiry, whether it be through a formal subpoena or other form of civil investigation communication, it is critical for the organization to act quickly and prudently in order to minimize potentially negative outcomes and unwanted publicity. Even a seemingly simple investigation can have far-reaching implications for an organization.