A number of our corporate lawyers are well known as leaders in middle-market merger and acquisition work. Our M&A Group has cultivated a special legal and practical understanding of the issues involved in M&A deals. Clients like that we know the importance of drafting, negotiating and documenting agreements that are reasonable, taking into account the client’s objectives, and leveraging our knowledge of what is commonly accepted practice in the market.

Our team includes highly-experienced advocates who have acted as in-house managers with significant responsibilities related to accounting, auditing, finance, financial planning, analysis and compliance functions, as well as lawyers with business degrees and broad experience serving as outside General Counsel to clients. Many attorneys on our M&A team also write and lecture on a variety of corporate business topics. Our M&A team includes members of our Tax Group who have broad expertise in the complex tax rules governing domestic and cross-border taxable and non-taxable mergers and acquisitions and our tax lawyers are deeply involved in structuring transactions to obtain the best tax results for our clients.

For middle market M&A, the principal source of information about critical and negotiable market terms is the ABA’s M&A market trends study series. Goulston & Storrs plays a significant role in the ABA’s working group that publishes these studies, and we regularly publish articles on M&A market trends, covering a host of issues related to representations and warranties, financial statements, purchase price adjustments, “sandbagging,” indemnities and after-tax indemnity limitations, insurance, damage mitigation, consequential damage exclusion, alternative dispute resolution, jury trial waivers, legal opinions and other issues common to M&A deals. More information is available at https://www.goulstonstorrs.com/whats-market/.

The Goulston & Storrs M&A team is also keenly aware of the business context and objectives involved in any transaction, and we make special efforts to understand all of the critically relevant aspects of each client’s business and industry so that our work is guided by our client’s short-term and long-term goals and objectives.