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What Clients Value

Why do many clients rely on Goulston & Storrs to handle complex class action claims? Because we offer a combination of valued attributes, such as:

  • Highly regarded trial advocacy skills
  • A client-centric firm model and approach to legal service
  • Specific subject matter expertise related to common class action claims

Trial Advocacy. The most sophisticated clients specifically value our well-developed class action know-how, including our demonstrated ability to:

  • Reduce class sizes to limit exposure and reduce the potential of going to trial
  • Narrow legal issues and potential damages associated with class action claims
  • Successfully oppose class certification by developing public interest objections and challenging legal issues associated with commonality, typically, and numerosity among claimants and claims
  • Bifurcate discovery by court order, requiring examination of substantive claims prior to damage assessments or prior to class certification
  • Narrow discovery to save money and time
  • Remove cases to proper venues for fair adjudication, defeating the tactical advantages plaintiffs seek by filing cases initially in tangentially relevant courts
  • Resolve cases at the demand letter stage prior to any damaging publicity

Client Service. Our firm’s business model and culture are uniquely focused on client service and client outcomes. We do not have a pyramid structure that necessitates work for multiple layers of junior-level lawyers, and we also are committed to executing project management and continuous process improvement. As a result, in every matter we handle, we always:

  • Match the right senior-level attorney and point person to every case
  • Staff cases leanly and handle them efficiently, avoiding protracted discovery battles that are all too common in class actions and often unnecessarily expensive
  • Utilize legal service providers for specific tasks to when they can handle them most efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Anticipate proactively and respond promptly to client requests
  • Work collaboratively with the client, outside experts, and opposing counsel
  • Understand the strategic business context of client decision-making, which facilitates settlements or stipulations of facts that are consistent with the client’s larger business objectives

Subject-matter Expertise. Because of the industries we most often serve, the class actions we have handled, and the natural evolution of our firm, our team of advocates is particularly well-suited to handle common class action claims involving:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Data privacy
  • Education
  • Employment law
  • Health care
  • Hospitality services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Product liability
  • Real estate development, management, and investment
  • Transportation