APIs in Action – Driving Revenue through CI & CRM Integration

May 17, 2023 at 12:30pm2:00pm

Chief Business Development Officer, Kelly Harbour is speaking on the panel "APIs in Action – Driving Revenue through CI & CRM Integration." This discussion will center around what legal marketers need to know about market intelligence to create strategies to grow firm revenues. With so many resources available, and not enough time to consume them, it may feel like marketers are drowning in a sea of data. Technology solutions - including APIs -  help firms corral their data resources into actionable intelligence. Kelly along with Emily Jasper, Director, Company Information Services, at S&P Global Market Intelligence, Ron Bass, Practice Group Lead, KM & 3rd Party Partnerships at InTapp, and Andrew Hutchinson, CEO at Databall, will share the why, what and how of API implementation.

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