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With decades of notable real estate experience, the Goulston & Storrs Tax Abatement group works with clients on a broad range of issues relating to municipal property taxes. We provide sophisticated, knowledgeable and sound advice to clients concerning property taxes, which are usually the largest single operating expense of a property.

While much of our work focuses on evaluating municipal real estate tax bills and then, if warranted, pursuing abatement applications both at the local level and any subsequent appeals to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board (“ATB”), we also advise clients on related matters such as new construction property tax analysis, property tax charitable exemption issues and Tax Increment Financing Agreements.

Clients often ask us to review their tax bills and advise them as to whether an abatement application is potentially worthwhile. We objectively assess their tax bills to determine if an abatement application is called for and also assist them with the preparation of an abatement application and its subsequent prosecution.