Our Service Difference

We have a cultural dedication to superior client service, focusing on responsiveness, efficiency, and most importantly results. That starts with choosing the right team and employing the right tools to handle each matter and to service each client optimally. Because of our low leverage business model, we often handle matters with fewer legal staff than more traditional firms while remaining more accessible to our clients and providing consistent partner level attention.

The lawyers of Goulston & Storrs also focus on the business context and objectives involved in any transaction, making special efforts to understand all of the critically relevant aspects of each client’s business and industry. 

We understand and appreciate that a client is entrusting the value of their business to us when they turn to us, and we take that seriously. The very structure of our firm is client-focused, providing incentives to work collaboratively and share information in order to support our clients to the fullest extent, while discouraging any attitudes or behaviors that interfere with the rendering of superior client service. This collaborative emphasis is particularly important to closely-held businesses, which often require multi-disciplinary support that is well integrated and coordinated.

For family enterprises that are seeking smooth transitions to future generations, our estate planning and services are nationally recognized, and these services are supported by experienced tax accountants and administrative professionals on our staff, who are responsible for many day-to-day aspects of the administration of estates and trusts. We also integrate the valuable assistance of professionals outside the firm, including but not limited to highly reputable financial planners, investment advisors, insurance experts, and family counselors.