Our Experience

Our M&A group counsels companies regarding the structuring, financing, negotiation and implementation of their strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and dispositions in both domestic and cross-border transactions, providing them with any necessary due diligence investigation and contractual documentation as well.

Our due diligence work is comprehensive, covering all kinds of legal exposures, including but not limited to those arising from employment, environmental, financial, intellectual property and tax issues.

We also provide tax-related strategic advice and counseling, dealing with tax treatment issues related to goodwill, rollover investments, Section 1031(b) of the Tax Code and more. Our lawyers also have experience dealing with insurance issues related to companies and their officers and directors, so they know how to negotiate, review and assess specific policy provisions, working with insurance professionals to cover critical contingencies associated with a deal.

Together with our trusted associates in other disciplines and other firms, we can also handle anti-trust concerns, specialized regulatory filings, and other matters unique to each M&A transaction.