Andrew D. Rothstein

Representative Matters

Trust Arrangements and Selection of Trustees

Drafting and implementing revocable and irrevocable trust arrangements to take advantage of income and wealth transfer tax planning opportunities.  Advising on the selection of trustees and implementing appropriate trustee succession arrangements.

Trust Modification Through Various Techniques

Modifying trusts through the use of non-judicial settlement agreements, trust decanting, and other techniques.

Forming and Operating Family Entities

Forming and operating family entities, with a particular focus on real estate owning entities, and structuring control arrangements, transfer restrictions, and succession plans for these entities. Advising families on unwinding entity structures and minimizing associated income and wealth transfer taxes.

Forming and Advising Private Foundations

Forming private foundations and advising in their operation and compliance with tax rules. Provide ongoing support of the daily operations for the foundations and their participants.

Protecting Family Wealth

Implementing arrangements to protect family wealth in contemplation of marriage through the use of trusts and prenuptial agreements.

Trust Services Related to Divorce Proceedings

Assisting individuals with the full range of trust management services related to divorce proceedings. Counsel clients through the tax considerations related to the change in their marital status.

Advising Executors and Trustees

Advising professional and family executors and trustees in understanding fiduciary duties and tax laws in connection with the administration of estates and trusts.