David Abromowitz
Bjorn Andersen Real Estate Lawyer
Kathryn Hess Real Estate Leasing Finance Transactions Acquisitions Lawyer
David Avitabile Real Estate Land Use Development Lawyer
Darren Baird Commercial Real Estate Land Use Permitting Lawyer
Andrew  Baldizon
Mitchell Baron Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Disposition Joint Venture Lawyer
real estate commercial real estate transactions acquisitions dispositions development projects mortgage loans paralegal
Alexander C. Berger
Jennifer Bisgaier
Jean Bowe leasing financing transactions development complex acquisitions dispositions office lawyer attorney
Maura Brancaccio Real Estate Attorney
Ashley Brown complex commercial real estate acquisition financing office industrial multifamily residential mixed use lawyer attorney
David  W. Brown
commercial real estate development permitting zoning leasing mixed-use office retail institutional multifamily residential projects lawyer attorney
Nichola R. Carpenter*
Lee C. Carter
Neema Chaiban commercial real estate acquisition disposition leasing development office retail mixed-used lawyer attorney
Brian Cohen real estate retail leasing commercial multifamily construction financing
Peter Corbett real estate development commercial transportation lawyer attorney
Margo Crump*
Rhian Cull
Adam Curry real estate transactions portfolio developers private equity financing construction
Tim Timothy Dacey malpractice litigation construction antitrust probate arbitration
Nancy Davids real estate retail developers zoning land use attorney lawyer
Yuanshu Deng commercial real estate lending financing acquisitions dispositions lawyer
Taylor Dias
William Dillon commercial real estate acquisition permitting development financing leasing attorney lawyer
Frank Ditta commercial real estate acquisition disposition joint venture corporate finance transaction attorney lawyer
Derek Domian business litigation commercial real estate intellectual property professional liability disputes lawyer attorney
Brian Dugdale commercial real estate development financing acquisition disposition attorney lawyer
Jason Dunn commercial real estate public-private partnerships acquisitions dispositions occupancy ground leases sale-leasebacks development financing lawyer attorney
Mark J. Eagan
Jamie Einbinder commercial real estate construction financing acquisitions dispositions joint ventures attorney lawyer
Matthew Epstein real estate finance leasing retail restaurant lawyer attorney
John Epting commercial real estate zoning land use historic preservation development litigation lawyer attorney
George Evans sale acquisition financing investment leasing multifamily office hospitality lawyer attorney
Martin Fantozzi litigation disputes land use zoning construction commercial employment lawyer attorney
Phil Feola commercial real estate land use zoning housing planned unit developments historic preservation urban renewal environmental law contracts condemnation administrative litigation governmental licensing
Lawrence Ferris land use development attorney lawyer Washington DC
Michael Flannery real estate acquisitions dispositions financing development land use lawyer attorney
Max Friedman real estate transactions lawyer attorney New York
Patrick Gallagher Real Estate Associate
Kevin Gaughan
Zev Gewurz real estate finance acquisitions dispositions joint venture structuring mezzanine distressed debt sales lawyer attorney
Louise Giannakis commercial real estate acquisitions permitting financing leasing development mixed-use office retail private public lawyer attorney
Martin Glazer commercial leasing office financing development real estate retail restaurant consumer lawyer attorney
Cecilia Gordon hotel recreational acquisition management financing joint ventures institutions foreign investors construction lawyer attorney
Yaacov Gross equity finance investment capital formation joint venture transactions capital investments mergers acquisitions lawyer attorney
Christian W. Habersaat
Jonathan C. Hayden
Kate Velasquez-Heller environmental lawyer engineer contaminated property indoor environmental pollution regulatory compliance green building strategies
Diana Herndon real estate development land use applications diverse research exhibit preparation paralegal
Deborah S. Horwitz
Eleanor  Hughes
Adam Hundley real estate land use attorney
Douglas M. Husid
Colleen Hussey
Zainab Ilumoka
David Ingraham
Mark D. Jackson
Elizabeth Johnson
Jennifer  Jones
Brian Judge real estate attorney lawyer
Cary Kadlecek Real Estate Development/Land Use DC Land Use, Zoning & Historic Preservation lawyer attorney
Matthew Matt Kiefer Real Estate Development/Land Use Green Business Public Law & Policy Medical, Educational and Cultural Institutions Climate Change Resilience attorney lawyer
Lindsay Priam Kizekai
Peter Kochansky real estate development public law policy zoning regulatory compliance lawyer attorney
Ingrid M. Kushinsky*
Dan Lasman real estate zoning development leasing acquisition financing attorney lawyer
Phillip G. Levy
David A. Lewis
Kristen Liang
David Linhart
Frank Litwin commercial real estate complex acquisitions dispositions leasing financing development joint venture lawyer attorney
Connor A. MacIsaac
Robert Mack commercial real estate financing acquisitions dispositions lawyer
Amelie H. Mailloux
Daniel J. Mancini*
Daniel J. Mancini*
Senior Leasing Analyst & Lease Negotiator
paige manning real estate attorney counsels lenders and borrowers
Gabriela Martin
Elijah I. McDonnaugh
Henrietta  McGarry*
Amy Moody McGrath commercial real estate permitting land use acquisitions financing leasing lawyer attorney
casey milianta real estate attorney commercial real estate transactions acquisitions dispositions leasing financing
paul momnie is a real estate development, permitting and land use attorney
Vanessa Moody is a retail, leasing and bankruptcy attorney
Zachary Mykulak commercial real estate retail leases shopping centers lawyer
Jonathan Nichols acquisition disposition financing development and leasing of commercial real estate lawyer
Patrick O'Connor
Kevin P. O'Flaherty
Karen O'Malley
Hara Perkins real estate transactions housing economic development investments lawyer
Allison C. Prince
David Rabinowitz real estate retail transactions industrial mixed-use acquisitions dispositions lawyer
John Ratino real estate hospitality developments multi-family housing office commercial lawyer
Karen Reddish manager retail leasing
Christian Regnier land use real estate acquisition disposition condominium creation lawyer
Kevin Renna real estate acquisitions dispositions development property lawyer
Melissa Rivers commercial real estate transactions acquisitions leasing financing dispositions attorney lawyer
Michael Robinson real estate attorney planning development financing commercial real estate
Christine Roddy real estate zoning land use law historic preservation municipal law urban renewal attorney lawyer
Dana Rodin litigator defending and prosecuting real estate construction commercial law disputes
Jennifer Rogers retail leasing real estate attorney landlords tenants
David Romanow - Boston Real Estate Attorney
Gary Ronan litigator real estate professional liability zoning leasing permitting In his professional liability malpractice lawyers law firms
Adrienne  Rosenblatt
Julia Rosequist real estate attorney. commercial real estate leasing acquisitions sales financing affordable housing economic development
Alan Rottenberg conducts a broad-based real estate, business and philanthropic practice.
Dan Rottenberg real estate lawyer leasing acquisition financing development retail office industrial mixed-use properties
Yareni Sanchez real estate lawyer development, acquisition, permitting, zoning and financing
Steve Schwartz real estate lawyer acquisition, disposition, development, leasing and financing (both debt and equity) of commercial real estate.
Stephen Schweiger real estate attorney finance financial institutions construction, mezzanine and permanent financing credit enhancement issuance of taxable and tax exempt bonds
Eric Seltzer real estate commercial acquisitions dispositions developments financings joint ventures recapitalizations attorney lawyer
Andrew (Drew) Shaw
James A. Shipe
Brendan Smith
Harold Stahler hospitality and real estate lawyer hotel real estate financings joint ventures acquisitions dispositions hotel management agreements franchise agreements
Marilyn Sticklor real estate developers commercial mixed-use development attorney lawyer
Tim Sullivan real estate lawyer handles real estate financing, complex land use matters, acquisitions, dispositions and commercial lending transactions.
Rick Talkov tax accountant assists the firm’s lawyers, entrepreneurial clients real estate and private client services.
Peter Tamm real estate development lawyer permitting of commercial, residential, industrial and office development projects.
Jared Tardy commercial real estate transaction acquisition lease finance restructure retail office industrial hotel attorney lawyer
Philip Tedesco commercial real estate acquisitions development joint ventures financings lawyer attorney
Lee S. Templin
Craig  C. Todaro
Olivia (Liv) Torres
Matthew  P.  Tosto
Robert Towsner corporate real estate tax transactional planning REIT UBTI limited liability lawyer attorney
Paul Tummonds real estate development land use complex zoning issues historic preservation attorney lawyer
Jeff Utz real estate lawyer land use development zoning historic preservation municipal law urban renewal
Dan Valenti real estate attorney real estate joint ventures mortgage mezzanine financing, acquisitions sales of real property, workouts, sale-leasebacks commercial leasing
Yann van Geertruyden real estate development joint ventures commercial acquisitions dispositions development construction leasing attorney lawyer
Suzanne Villee real estate attorney office and retail tenants, owners of shopping centers, and educational institutions in a range of leasing transactions.
Derick Wallace
Timothy Watkins acquisitions dispositions office buildings shopping centers warehouses land joint ventures attorney lawyer
Megan Watts commercial real estate acquisitions dispositions financing affordable housing economic development joint venture attorney lawyer
Wendelin White real estate joint ventures development acquisitions dispositions financings commercial properties lawyer attorney
Sara Wilbraham
Corey J. Wilk
Kimberly Salmon Yeager
Alexandra Youngblood real estate development sales leasing financing acquisitions attorney lawyer
Richard M. Zielinski